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The CHIN-UPS Study

The majority of patients on medication for hypertension and dyslipidemia are sedentary and overweight. Within a year of starting treatment, at least 50% will have stopped taking their prescribed medications daily. Showing patients their Cardiovascular Age and engaging them in the management of their cardiovascular risk factors has been proven to improve the control of their blood pressure and blood lipids.

The CHIN-UPS Study is a unique opportunity for Canadian Pharmacists to demonstrate that they can make a real difference in their patients’ health.

What is the CHIN-UPS Study about?

The study aims to demonstrate that community pharmacists can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease among their patients by using the web-based myhealthcheckup program (MHC).

MHC is a turnkey program that provides the tools to help patients make healthy lifestyle changes (lose excess weight, increase daily physical activity, improve sleep, and reduce stress) while respecting the pharmacist’s valuable time.

All that the pharmacist has to do is track their patients’ progress and coach them on healthy lifestyle changes.