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Our mission

Our primary mission

is to help each individual

attain the best possible physical

and mental health throughout their life

At myhealthcheckup our primary goal is to help each individual attain the best possible physical and mental health throughout their life.

To accomplish this goal, we draw on the scientific expertise and clinical experience of our health professionals to educate, engage, and enable individuals to live healthy, happy, and productive lives for as long as possible.

The web-based programs that form the cornerstone of our health promotion services are based on the best scientific evidence available to maximize the probability of success for each participant.

Our clients and friends

Why us?

We acknowledge that changing human behavior is a serious challenge that should never be underestimated. Accordingly , our offerings are based on the following core beliefs:

Realistic Goals

For most people, making lifestyle changes is a real challenge... setting realistic goals for each individual is essential.

Personalized Approach

Each of us is unique... an individualized approach increases our likelihood of success.

Engaging Solutions

Most of us are impatient ... we are more likely to adhere to a program that is fun, engaging and provides tangible results in 8-12 weeks.


While short-term results are critical, there is no substitute for long-term success.

Provide Feedback

Monitoring the progress of the individuals enrolled in our programs is critical to our success and yours.


Constantly analyzing the results generated by our programs is what makes us unique. We are health professionals and scientists guided by evidence.

What drives us

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at myhealthcheckup is that “While life may be short, living better is at least as important as living longer”. Accordingly, our health programs are designed to be engaging, enjoyable, and make participants feel happier and healthier as quickly as possible.We believe that making healthy lifestyle changes is a long-term commitment and few of us will succeed if we are not having fun along the way.

Keep it simple” is also important because most of us don’t have the time or interest to become health care experts. We just want the information we require to make informed choices and occasional help from the right professionals when we need it.

Our Objective

Our objective is to make you, your family, your friends, and your fellow employees not only healthier but happier as well.

Our Principles

Be Open and Honest About Both Our Successes and Our Failures
Successful programs can only be developed through rigorous research that objectively identifies both strengths and weaknesses.

Embrace Change
If a health intervention is shown not to work then develop one that does.

Multidisciplinary Teams are Essential
Successful, “patient centered” health promotion requires input from many different professionals with a wide range of experiences and expertise.

It’s Important to be First, but More Important to be the Best
Getting it right takes time and effort.

If it’s not Fun then it won’t Work
Few of us can maintain life-style habits that we don’t eventually come to enjoy.



The MHC research team is awarded a 3.5 year CIHR grant to test the MHC Health Promotion Program in Canadian community pharmacies. Shoppers Drug Mart and Sobeys/Lawton sign on to participate in the randomize controlled trial across Canada.


Research team at McGill University Health Center (MUHC) publishes first of three studies demonstrating the effectiveness of the MHC wellness program among hospital employees. Study funded by CIHR.

MHC research team is awarded one of the first e-catalyst grants from CIHR to evaluate a web-based health promotion program at the McGill Comprehensive Health Improvement Program (CHIP).

The MHC 'Cardiovascular Age' calculator launched on the Shoppers Drug Mart website during Heart Health Month...over 40,000 Canadians complete their profile that month. The site is proven to be an effective survey tool for evaluating the risks and benefits associated with pharmacotherapy.

Preliminary results of the MHC Health Promotion program at CFB Halifax demonstrate high levels of engagement among the enlisted men and women of the Royal Canadian Navy. After only eight weeks of an exercise program, significant improvements in blood pressure, mental stress, fatigue, and sleep are documented.


MHC research team is awarded a grant from Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) to place the MHC CardioMetabolic Disease Simulation of the web so that Canadians can estimate their 'CardioMetabolic Age'.

MHC chosen by the Canadian Federal Government to provide disease management and health promotion programs to the Department of National Defense.


The myhealthcheckup exercise challenge tested among over 300 hospital employees demonstrating that a group exercise walking program improves physical and mental health indices after only 8 weeks.

The myhealthcheckup website, v2 re-launched.


The results of the Tune Up Your Heart study at Chrysler Canada demonstrates the cost-effectiveness of an employee health promotion program using the on-site myhealthcheckup health risk appraisals.


The results of the CHECK-UP Study published demonstrating that discussing a patient’s “Cardiovascular Age” can significantly improve the management of hypertension and dyslipidemia.


Onsite health assessments provided to the members of parliament as part of the Doctor in the House Program supported by The Canadian Medical Association.

Cardiovascular Risk assessment using the myhealthcheckup risk engine endorsed by the Canadian Diabetes Association Treatment Guidelines.

Cardiovascular Risk assessment using the myhealthcheckup risk engine endorsed by the Canadian National Lipid Guidelines.

Cardiovascular Risk assessment using the myhealthcheckup risk engine endorsed by the Canadian Hypertension Education Program.


The 'Get Serious' cardiovascular risk program, using the myhealthcheckup risk engine, launched by the Canadian Diabetes Association.

The Health and Wellness Companion, a health risk appraisal owned by a subsidiary of the Canadian Medical Association, completely revamped by the faculty and staff from our group.

Arcadie Health Assessment Associates becomes Clinemetrica Inc.


Cardiovascular Risk Screening initiated at international HIV meetings in Europe, and South America.


Onsite employee health screenings initiated.


The importance of exacerbating cardiovascular risk factors among HIV infected individuals receiving anti-viral therapy demonstrated. (Am J Cardiol)


The concept of an individuals “Cardiovascular Age” first introduced. (BMJ)


Annual Onsite Cardiovascular Risk Screening initiated at the annual national meeting of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society. Over 500 health professionals complete a comprehensive risk assessment each year for the next 14 years.


The McGill Cardiovascular Health Improvement Program (CHIP) is started to provide personalized disease management and health promotion clinical services in Quebec, Canada.


Multifactorial health risk assessments shown to significantly improve the identification of high risk individuals for lipid therapy (JAMA).


The Cardiovascular Life Expectancy Model published and demonstrates that a disease simulation model can accurately forecast the risk of developing complications of cardiovascular disease. (JAMA citation)


Arcadie Health Assessment Associates Formed by the active faculty from McGill University and the staff from the McGill University Health Center.